What we Offer

With a dedicated team of interface designers, we pride ourselves on the user friendliness of the Platform. Nevertheless, we believe that training helps clients understand the finer details of the software and leverage the modules and functionalities to their full potential.

Expert Team
  • Dedicated and experienced training team
  • Regional teams with local knowledge
  • Training followed by ongoing customer support
Knowledge Transfer
  • Train the trainer model
  • Module training offers detailed support for Platform functionalities
  • Certification awarded on completion of training
Proven Methodology
  • Specialist training team in project management methodology
  • Best practice applied with a hands on approach
  • Proven track record
Improved ROI
  • Training delivers customers with better Platform understanding
  • Provides opportunity to learn and apply best practice techniques in everyday situations
  • Empowers clients to be autonomous from third parties

Module # Course Name
USM100 Getting Started with Urbanise Strata
USM 200 Contacts
USM 300 Property Information
USM 310 Registers
USM 400 Introduction to Finance
USM 410 Property Ledgers
USM 420 Levies
USM 430 Debt Collection
USM 440 Global Finance Functions
USM 450 Management Fees
USM 600 Task Management
USM 700 Reports
USM 800 Platform Settings

Module # Course Name
UBN 701 Operations Reports
UBN 700 Business Reporting
UBN 700- 702 Report List (Supporting Doc)
UBN 601 Operations Requests
UBN 600 The Operations Centre
UBN 500 Field Force
UBN 410 Asset Surveys and Lifecycle Maintenance
UBN 400 Asset Management
UBN 300 Working with Locations and Areas
UBN 200 Working with Accounts
UBN 103 Inventory Management
UBN 102 Packages and Service Catalog
UBN 101 Setting up your Platform
UBN 100 Basic Platform Configuration

Module # Course Name
MSTS104 MyCommunity Fundamentals
MSTS113 Portal Content Management
MSTS114 Communicating with MyCommunity
CMA500 Community Mobile for Tenants
CMA400 Community Mobile for Owners
CMA300 Community Mobile for Trustees
CMA300 Community Mobile for Committee Members
CMA200 Community Mobile for Managers
CMA100 Community Mobile

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