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The Urbanise Utilities platform is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) micro-utility solution for the residential and commercial property markets. By combining the benefits provided by today’s cloud and smart metering technologies, we’ve built a world-class platform which provides a proven solution for automating the labour-intensive tasks associated with utility meter reading, managing utility metered networks and collecting utility income from tenants and residents.

We empower metering companies, utility operators and divisions, as well as property managers to efficiently implement, maintain and manage embedded utility networks for their customers.

Accurate and up-to-date information

Harnessing the features of AMR/AMI smart meter technology, we collect data from multiple vendor’s smart meters, at regular intervals, to process and generate accurate and up-to-date billing information.

Multiple tariffs can be configured through the platform’s advanced tariff engine, thereby accommodating most utility tariff structures, including customs tariffs associated with the sale of renewable energy.


Transparent and trusted reporting

Consumers and utility service providers alike get access to information through our mobile app and web portal, thereby gaining full transparency over their usage, billing information and payment history.

Additional value and enhanced reporting are provided through the analytics engine and customisable management dashboards.


Automated management and administration

Manual and labour-intensive tasks associated with meter reading, fault finding, common property reconciliations, bill presentment and collection of utility income is fully automated through our platform.

Multi-tenanted and centralised customer account management provides a scalable solution for managing utilities across large property portfolios.



Revenue Collection

Revenue collection through multiple channels and methods e.g. Smart Wallet, STS prepaid, Credit/Debit Card, FPOS, EFT

Advanced Tariff Engine

Customisable tariff engine including standard structures like Incline block, time-of-use, maximum demand, capacities etc. Support for variable and fixed charges

Utility Meter Network Management

Remote meter configuration, AMR/AMI, network exception reporting, meter asset management

Analytics & Reporting

Network reconciliation report, advanced analytics, consumption and exception reporting

Communication Tools

Customisable alerts and reports through emails and SMS. Utility notifications, credit level low, balance update, alerts etc.

Move-in, Move-out

Self-service for utility connections associated with move-in, move-out applications through the eServices storefront

eServices Storefront

eServices storefront for delivery of additional services to building tenants and residents

Serious Security

Hosted on AWS, Urbanise Strata combines world-class hosting and application security including user-security and access controls


Along with the Urbanise Utilities platform, Utility Operators can easily turn on new features or modules and open up new business opportunities, insights and efficiency gains.

Real time Data Analytics

Urbanise can offer clients a Data Warehouse-as-a-Service (“DWaaS”) which is a fully managed and hosted the replica of the UBN Data Warehouse configured to replicate some or all of your platform data in a format suitable for Business Intelligence reporting.


Sell Services to Residents

An attractive opportunity for strata management companies is to provide “behind-the-door” services to the residents who live and work in the buildings they operate. Urbanise has an e-commerce storefront with service management capabilities that enables you to sell both in-apartment and strata management services online. The system enables managers to easily design and deploy a digital storefront of services to residents in a matter of minutes. You can use your own supplier network or one of Urbanise’s preferred partners to improve customer service and generate new revenue streams.

Building Service Delivery

Building Service Delivery combines asset maintenance, workforce management and online helpdesk capabilities in a single tool. Its continuous updates give you total control over maintenance work as its done. The platform gives you complete visibility over what your strata suppliers are doing at each of your properties while your customers are automatically informed via updates on our Community app.

Effortless asset maintenance

Smarter workforce management

Online contact centre

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