Innovative Facilities Management in the Cloud


The Urbanise Facilities platform is used to manage infrastructure, buildings, housing estates and local government. The system is cloud-based and completely integrates facilities, assets and workforce management into a single platform. Urbanise have also harnessed the power of AI and machine learning to help automate daily tasks which helps deliver efficiencies and improved service.

Today’s buildings need smart management — our Facilities Management platform slashes paperwork and gives you unprecedented clarity over your operations.

Complete visibility over all Facilities operations

Get full visibility over the outstanding reactive and planned jobs, KPI’s and repeat failures. At the same time, you can standardise your safety, induction and compliances processes. Our feature-rich Urbanise Facilities platform gives FM companies, service providers, and Local Councils all the tools they need on one integrated platform.


Automate your workforce management

If you still rely on a traditional CAFM system, you are likely wasting time on manual documentation and compliance. Urbanise Facilities streamlines these

  • Create, update and approve detailed work instructions in real time
  • Complete risk assessments more easily, before work begins
  • Automatically allocate jobs to the right people
  • Save photographs of work on site before and after completion
  • Record next actions on the spot, in real time
  • Provide instant customer feedback

The platform automatically tags all updates with the date, time and location, so compliance tracking is never an issue.

Effortless supplier management

With Urbanise Facilities, it’s simple to set up suppliers and assign them work. But we also make it easy for them to get on with the job. They can see customer histories, feedback ratings, and more — and they can upload before-and-after photos to confirm they’ve done the work right. Giving your support team clear visibility over jobs and suppliers boosts productivity and can reduce customer support costs by as much as 50%.

Workforce management made easy

With Urbanise Facilities, you can give your entire workforce access to job orders and schedules online. Employees, sub-contractors and third parties log into a secure account that contains their program of jobs, along with details of customers and their histories.

  • Dispatch work to field staff and suppliers more efficiently.
  • Improve response times by up to 50%.
  • Boost first-time fix rates by up to 25%.
  • Enhance quality control with before- and after-completion tracking.
  • All activities are tagged with a time, date and location, to ensure automatic compliance tracking.

Gain visibility and control

With the activities undertaken by your workforce being updated in real-time using smartphones or tablets, you can stay ahead of the curve. Whenever someone updates the status of a job, you’ll know about it — and so will your customers. Since you can see the work being done in real time, you can respond immediately: reallocate resources to problem areas, or act to help teams that are falling behind. Most importantly, you’ll see what’s been missed before it’s too late.

  • Reduce inbound call times.
  • Improve first-time fix rates.
  • Reduce customer support overheads by up to 50%.
  • Improve your operational productivity and time allocation.
  • Cultivate closer relationships between the operations center and your field force.

Deep AI and Machine Learning

Our current and future strategy for the Urbanise Facilities platform is to use AI and machine learning to automate many of the manual tasks that your team needs to conduct on a day to day basis. This will help your team perform at peak efficiency.

Areas of focus are:

  • Automatic job assignment
  • Image recognition to eliminate manual steps in work requests
  • Automated asset condition surveys

Promote your services online

The Urbanise Facilities platform comes with a module that enables FM managers, building managers and owners to design an E-Services storefront specifically for selling building services. Using the service catalog tool to set up your business model, you can design, deploy and promote a whole range of new services in minutes via a building or community self-service portal. It’s an innovative way to take your services into homes, shops, towers, and cities.

Buying services has never been easier

At Urbanise we believe in improving the customer journey. With a click to pay model, the customer experience is fast, easy and convenient.


Contact Centre

Full visibility over all current and outstanding jobs, SLA’s and your supply chain

Asset Management

Comprehensive asset register with 10-year asset life cycle modelling along with industry benchmarks

Job Scheduling

Create planned work against assets or locations and then forecast the workload using our 52-week planner

Workforce Management

Understand where your teams and suppliers are, their availability and productivity

Supplier Compliance

Record and track supplier compliance requirements such as licensing and insurance

E-Services Storefront

Design and deploy a digital storefront of services to the occupants of buildings that you interact with.


Understand your costs, supplier performance, asset failures, and more with deep AI enabled analytics

Customer Management

Manage all property owner, tenant and resident contact information and view a full history of communications, jobs and purchases

Serious Security

Hosted on AWS, Urbanise Facilities combines world-class hosting and application security including user-security and access controls


Along with the Urbanise Facilities platform, FM Managers and Service Providers can easily turn on new features or modules and open up new business opportunities, insights and efficiency gains.

Building & Tenant Portals

The Urbanise Community platform enables strata and building managers to create a website for each building they manage. Owners, residents and committees can then access information and tools via our web and mobile apps.

The system also has some powerful marketing and communication tools for strata and building managers, such as a maintenance ticketing system, SMS, Lobby screen system and a digital noticeboard.


Today, over ¼ million strata owners and residents access Urbanise Community every day to access their property information online and interact with their fellow residents and strata manager.

Real time Data Analytics

Urbanise can offer clients a Data Warehouse-as-a-Service (“DWaaS”) which is a fully managed and hosted the replica of the UBN Data Warehouse configured to replicate some or all of your platform data in a format suitable for Business Intelligence reporting.


Smart Utilities

Urbanise Utilities is a cloud-based software platform which communicates with smart meters, to enable an end-to-end micro-utility solution for your building or community. The solution is specifically designed for gated communities, apartment towers, commercial and retail buildings.


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