Urbanise Strata Update (68)

Posted on January 14, 2020

Our first production update for the year includes new features in Invoice Processing, Work Orders, the accounting system and the Public Strata API. Continue reading for details.

Features & Improvements

Invoice Processing

[PHX-6108] Duplication invoice detection just got a boost! Now when the system detects a suspected duplicate invoice (on the ‘data entry’ screen), the screen mode will change to allow you to view details of the duplicates, including the PDF’s.

Work Orders

[PHX-6094] When creating a work order the system will now automatically populate some information including details of the plan and the strata manager.

[PHX-6081] A new property compliance screen has been implemented for “Work Order Attachments”. This allows you to add documents that are automatically attached to all work orders issued for a plan.

Payment References

[PHX-5955] When working on the “Unit Details” screen you can now store multiple “Alternative References” for the reconciliation of levy payments.

[PHX-5956] A new screen called “Payment References” has also been implemented to make it easier to find a unit based on a payment reference (or even a part payment reference).


  • [PHX-4771] – General Ledger: New option for “Receipt AP Refund”
  • [PHX-4772] – Interim Levies: New checkbox to mark levies as “Issued”, especially useful when setting up new plans
  • [PHX-5558] – Public Strata API: The ‘planDetails’ call has been expanded so it now includes data from the “Important Dates” screen
  • [PHX-5963] – Unit Details: The DEFT reference now shows on the Unit Details screen for plans with Macquarie Bank accounts
  • [PHX-6114] – Accounts Payable: The Invoice Processing ‘status’ of an invoice is now shown at the top of the invoice details screen
  • [PHX-6116] – Accounts Payable: The “Reference” field can now be edited on an invoice
  • [PHX-6152] – Email History: The property details and user type now show for task related emails


  • [PHX-1977] – General: ‘General Error’ instead of Validation Error when Invoice Number exceeds allowed 80 characters
  • [PHX-2214] – General: Email which triggers validation error is actually saved and used by the system
  • [PHX-5770] – Chart of Accounts: Saving ‘Category Override’ back to original value violates check constraint “headcategory_in_common_ck”
  • [PHX-5906] – Suppliers: Street/Postal Address and ABN is not returned when searching by specific Industry in WO, IP, AP, Preferred Suppliers, Building Compliance, Registers > Contracts
  • [PHX-6016] – Invoice Processing: When filter by manager and change the list view the filter is not reapplied to the other list view
  • [PHX-6101] – Unit List: Top Row under “Unit List” screen retains top row details when changing properties
  • [PHX-6213] – General: ‘General Error’ when try to delete committee member to owner with multiple associated contacts for CM
  • [PHX-6297] – Search: API /contractors/search throws exception “parentheses () not balanced”
  • [PHX-6320] – DebtCol: Cannot change the status from Open to Agency Demand and add comment at the same time
  • [PHX-6347] – Task Triggers: Service is paginated but returns the results in random order
  • [PHX-6366] – Invoice Processing: Payment duplication when approving invoices
  • [PHX-6429] – DebtCol: Tasks linked in parent/child relationship are failing to save changes during lambda processing
  • [PHX-5585] – MyCommunity: Change the “Reject” reason behaviour – issues found with ‘Comments’
  • [PHX-5807] – MyCommunity: Invoice Approval – Delay with invoices appearing in list after being Approved/Rejected
  • [PHX-6534] – MyCommunity: Not expected callback from the gateway with Chrome browser

Update by Leslie Leahy