The Interactive Case Study

Posted on October 10, 2016


Interactive Pty Ltd (Interactive) is Australia’s largest privately owned IT Services Provider. Interactive provides hosted data centre, business continuity and a selection of cloud-based services, as well as national multi-vendor hardware maintenance, to more than 2,000 customers. As part of its Data Centre Care program, Interactive adopted Urbanise’s remote monitoring solution to improve the effectiveness, reliability and energy efficiency of customer data centre facilities.


A key challenge facing the property industry is the introduction of Government legislation on energy management and savings. One example of this is the NSW Government Resource Efficiency Policy, part of which mandates that All data centers will achieve a minimum infrastructure and IT equipment NABERS Energy rating of 4.5 stars by June 2017. One of the common issues affecting the adoption of the NABERS Energy for Data Centres energy rating system is that many data centre facilities do not have the appropriate sub metering in place to accurately and easily measure energy consumption. Interactive identified the need for a simple to install and operate solution that would enable the improvement of data centre effectiveness, reliability and energy efficiency. The monitoring solution would also allow data centers to achieve NABERS Energy for Data Centres accreditation.


Having identified the requirements for a NABERS compliant solution, Interactive and the Urbanise development team worked together to customise a specific monitoring and reporting solution which included a real-time view of the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric used to independently certify data centres for NABERS accreditation. The live PUE tool not only provides efficiency graphs, but variable component metrics such as temperature and its associated impact on data centre energy consumption. This functionality allows data centres to benchmark and optimise energy efficiency while maintaining the appropriate cooling to IT equipment.


With Urbanise’s wireless temperature sensors installed to monitor and report on data centre efficiency via a web-based portal, Interactive has access to full energy consumption trending data – allowing it to monitor and adjust facility environmental conditions to deliver immediate savings to data centre customers.

“Our remote energy and environment monitoring service provides a cost effective solution to common data centre energy metering problems. Through Urbanise’s cloud-based technology we can provide a NABERS compliant solution for our customers’ data centres with the installation taking less than one day. We are excited to offer a solution that will enable more organisations to measure and rate the energy efficiency of their data centres to achieve NABERS certification.”